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June 3, 1999

Dear Visitor,

This is the HTML version of our periodic email letter to subscribers. If you would like to receive this letter from time to time by email, click here to subscribe. Below you will find links to some of the new material we have posted on Asian Arts over the last several months, starting from the most recent postings.

Below you will find highlights of some of the developments at Asian Arts since the last letter. For a listing of all updates chronologically, visit our update page:

Some site highlights:

** We have a new "Site Index" which makes navigating our site somewhat easier.

**Our Bookstore has recently been updated to include up-to-date lists of's offering in the arts of Asia. Visit here to find the book (or cassette, CD or video) you are searching for.

The bookstore also offers access to for our German visitors and for our British visitors

** In the next few days, we will be finalizing the updating of our Links pages, which can be previewed at
Visitors can now post their own links.

Many of our galleries have been active in updating over the past months, please check the update page for details.

**Our Exhibitions page is delighted to feature:

The Mustang Paintings of Robert Powell, the extraordinary visions of this ancient kingdom:

While our Articles page has several new offerings, including:

Togchas, the Ancient Amulets of Tibet, by John Bellezza:

The Murals of Baiya Monastery, by Jonathan Bell:

A detailed look at some of the murals in the Baiya Monastery project of CERS; latest news on this and other projects of CERS can be found in our very active Associations pages, where besides CERS at:

you can also find more news of the Tibet Heritage Fund's work in Lhasa, including their complete recent report and a new map of the Old City:

and the many important projects in Tibet of The Shalu Association:

Coming soon:

** a new and refurbished version of our popular classifieds section.

Thanks for your interest and visits: I hope you will return often to Asian Arts.

yours sincerely,

Ian Alsop
Asian Arts <>

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