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3. Standing Image of the Buddha
Mandalay, Myanmar
19th century
Wood, glass, jewels
H. 106 cm, W. 50 cm, D. 13 cm.
Standing Image of the Buddha

Wooden standing image of the Buddha in healing position wearing ornate robe decorated with jewels.

Mandalay was the capital of Burma (Myanmar) for 25 years (1860-1885). In 1886, Upper Burma fell to the British at the end of the third Anglo-Burmese war. It was during this period and under the rule of King Mindon that the art and architecture flourished the most in Mandalay – the city named for the perfect geometric form of a Buddhist Mandala at the center including twelve gates and a 25-foot wall.

A favored image found in thousands of examples of Mandalay style sculpture especially during the Konbaung Period is that of a seated Buddha in the position of calling the earth to witness.

Standing images were also popular, many of which are shown with the left hand holding the robe open.

Mandalay style can also be characterized by extensive use of gold leaf and inlaid glass and mirrors. These attributes are also found on the popular Mandalay Buddha. They are often seen lacquered and gilded.

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