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Gandhara has specialized in the art of Gandharan sculpture for almost 20 years together with a strong representation from South East Asia; Thailand, Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

Works of art purchased from our collections are now housed in major private and public collections throughout the world.

The Gandharan region was situated on the borders of several distinct cultural zones represented by the Greco Roman empire and the Central Asian and Indic communities. The overland trade routes from China to the Mediterranean world passed through Gandhara and because of its location at the crossroads of these civilizations both foreign and local artistic traditions were amalgamated to create a distinct style influenced by both Greco Roman and Indic traditions.

The introduction of Buddhism into the Gandharan region shaped the religious identity of the region and Buddhism became the main focus of artistic patronage. Through their association with the cult of relics foreigners could legitimize their claims to high social status in the region. Monastic complexes were invariably organized around a central Stupa that functioned as a commemorative monument and a place of pilgrimage, they were major repositories of wealth and frequently functioned as banks and guilds for the communities that supported them.

The monasteries and stupas were elaborately decorated with detailed narrative panels that told the stories of the Buddha's life and past lives. These narrative panels were interspersed with larger sculptures of Buddha's and Bodhisattvas.

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