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Yoga: The Art of Transformation

Jallandharnath flies over King Padam’s palace
from the Suraj Prakash 1830
by Amardas Bhatti
India; Rajasthan state, former kingdom of Marwar, Jodhpur
Opaque watercolor and gold on paper

Mehrangarh Museum Trust, RJS 1644

Above a palace rendered in deep perspective flies a legendary Nath, Jallandharnath. Behind him follows the princess Padmini, whom he has enchanted. The princess spies the handsome King Padam in the pool below her and drops her golden bracelet as a token of love.

Yogic flight such as that undertaken by Jallandharnath is a common occurrence in Indian literature and appears as a supernatural power, or perfection (siddhi), in the third chapter of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

This image depicts the first episode in the Jodhpur dynastic history Suraj Prakash. Commissioned by Maharaja Man Singh in 1830, the painting constructs historical and mythic ties between Jodhpur royalty and the Nath order of yogis.