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A major catalogue will accompany the exhibition "QUIET BEAUTY: Fifty Centuries of Japanese Folk Ceramics from the Montgomery Collection." In addition to individual entries and full-color illustrations of all objects in the exhibition, the publication will include a lengthy text by Robert Moes that traces the development of folk ceramics from prehistory to the present and discusses the primary characteristics of Japanese art. Forming, decorating, glazing, and firing techniques will be explained, with reference to Korean or Chinese precedents where applicable, and maps and detailed drawings of kilns will be included. Decorative motifs will be interpreted in terms of natural or historical subjects as well as shamanic, Shintô, Daoist, and Confucian beliefs where relevant. Also included will be an essay by Rupert Faulkner, Senior Curator of Japanese Art at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. This volume, published by Art Services International, is expected to become an important handbook on Japanese folk ceramics, their cultural context and historical development. Most importantly, the compelling strength and dignity of the ceramics themselves will be highlighted for both readers of the catalogue and visitors to the exhibition.

Number of Pages: 256 pages
Size: 9.75" x 11.125"
Number of four-color plates: 125
Number of black and white photos: 40 + 4 maps + 4 kiln drawings
Cover: Paralux Silk, 111 lb.
Cover image: Seto Ware Oil Plate, detail of plate 53
Paper stock for text: Paralux Silk, 100 lb.

Softcover Price
$39.95 + $7.50 shipping & handling (within the continental U.S.)

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