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Karim Grusenmeyer

An inscribed ZUN Wine Vessel in the shape of a Wild Goose
North China
Eastern Zhou dynasty, Mid Warring States period
4th Century BC
Width: 30.2 cm - Depth: 12.8 cm - Height: 20.4 cm

The cover is engraved on the outside with a miniscule design depicting birdheads. The inside of the cover carries an inscription of twelve characters in ‘seal script.’

Conservation status: mint and sharp condition, no repairs, no restorations, stable nature of bronze.

Ex: Private collection, Brussels.

Bibliogaphy: Peter Hsu (ed.), Sacred vesssels and priceless inscriptions, Ancient Chinese bronzes from the collection of Peter Hsu, 2006, p.78-79.

External certificates or test reports:
1) Art Loss Register London: Certificate ref # S00035165
2) Microanalysis of the bronze by Dr. B. Duboscq (Ref: MSMAP 09-035 OA - 01/09/2009).
3) Qualitative analysis of the composition of the bronze by J. Guillaume (dated 21/09/2007).

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