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Northern Wei Warrior, TL tested
6th c.; Northern Wei
ceramic; painted pottery
height: 17.5" without base, 19.75" with base

An individually sculpted burial piece dating to the Northern Wei period, this warrior is wonderfully expressive with stern, wide eyes, flared nostrils, pursed lips, and gesturing hands (his right fisted to hold a weapon and his left in relief spread at the waist). Armed and ready to serve, he is postured with his robust chest out and his feet firmly planted. This painted pottery sculpture in the round is especially unique with its vivid original pigment. From the tip of his helmet down to his shoes, the surface has been intricately decorated with both pigmentation and modeled embellishments. The chest and back display painted pastel green and brick red rings on a dark background. Similar colors in vertical bands decorate the lower portion of the outer garments. A brick-red, shield-like adornment with two, white modeled fierce animal heads stands at his left. A patterned section of armor covers his lower right leg.

TL tested by Oxford Authentication, Ltd. Original certificate accompanies the warrior. Both samples from the thermoluminescence testing yielded consistent results in dating the warrior to the Northern Wei dynasty.

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