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June 8th - June 12th 2005


We have great pleasure in welcoming you to the first BRUSSELS ORIENTAL ART FAIR, B.O.A.Fair asbl, an event created by international specialists in Oriental Art.

The aim of the galleries subscribing to the event is to share their knowledge with the visitors and to promote the understanding of Oriental Art.

Brussels has a long established tradition as a centre of trade linking cultures and people thereby providing a perfect stage for the interaction between dealers and collectors, curators and critics.

Two major art events are taking place in Brussels each year. In June 2005 BRUNEAF (Brussels Non European Art Fair) and BAAF (Brussels Ancient Art Fair) will be organized once again. They count among the world's most prominent specialist fairs in the field of tribal art and antiquities.

The concept of these fairs is highly original, as they are located in galleries around the Sablon area, right in the middle of Brussels's historic town centre.

Both BRUNEAF and, more recently, BAAF attract an international public, which finds itself seduced by the objects on display as well as the enchanting environment of a unique art and antiques dealer's quarter.

Among international art and antiques events these fairs have become a must. The initiative stems from a group of antiques dealers determined to take business into their own hands and organize their own fair on a voluntary basis and at cost price.

The success of BRUNEAF and BAAF has called for a further event dedicated to ASIAN and ORIENTAL ART, the BRUSSELS ORIENTAL ART FAIR (B.O.A. Fair npmo). It will take place during the same period and under the same conditions as the two fairs described earlier.

The exhibiting galleries will produce a catalogue edited at 3000 copies and a special invitation and folder containing a map of the itinerary for the visitors.

The creation of the 3B's, BRUSSELS ANCIENT ART FAIR - BRUSSELS NON EUROPEAN ART FAIR - BRUSSELS ORIENTAL ART FAIR is the result of the vibrant art market that has long served to introduce the public to great works of art, thus enhancing their pursuit of excellence.

The French philosopher Henri Bergson, said: "Le dernier effort de l'art est de faire connaître aux hommes ce qu'ils veulent et enfin ce qu'ils sont".

We trust that all visitors and exhibitors will enjoy this 2005 fair and benefit from the exposure to the many superb objects that will be on display.

Georgia Chrischilles
Organiser Brussels Oriental Art Fair npmo, Brussels
February 2005.



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