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Asia Week New York 2015:
Kapoor Galleries

A marble image of a Jina
Gujarat or Rajasthan
Dated 1028
White marble
17 1/4 in. (53.8 cm) high

This iconic white marble Jina is seated in traditional form upon an ornate cushion veiled in foliate cartouches, the hem of his garment flows symmetrically between his crossed ankles, the outstretched toes gracefully resting upon his calves with exquisite detail given to the hallux. The hands resting in dhayanamudra, below an expertly modelled stomach and broad chest. Between his rounded pectorals rests a shrivatsa mark, elongated arms extending parallel to his rib cage running in iconometrically ordained diagonals. The neck smoothly displays the trivali mark and is flanked by pendulous earlobes terminating in characteristic cube ends. The face is adoringly rounded boasting elegantly carved almond shaped eyes and high arched eyebrows, surmounted by a tightly curled sigmoid hairline topped by a conoid ushnisha.

There exist 24 symbols of spiritual perfection, or “Jinas”, the luminescent white marble representing the figures spiritual purity.

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