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Wei Asian Arts

Early Ming Dynasty
cast iron
H: 31 cm (12.2 in)

Avalokitesvara is the Boddhisattva of infinite compassion. The long and narrow face is delicately modelled with a contemplative expression. The deity wears an expression of benevolence and calm with thin almond-shaped downcast eyes and an elegant and complex hairdo bearing at the centre an image of Buddha Amitabha in meditation position on a lotus base.

The head is cast in a two-part mould. The technology of iron casting knew an important development during the Song Dynasty (X-XII); Buddhist sculptures and pagodas in cast iron from the period witness the development. The technique was utilized until the Ming dynasty period but was then less popular than wood, stone or stucco sculpture.

Formely in a French private collection, purchased at Drouot’s in the year 70’s

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