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Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch

The Defeat by Timur of the Sultan of Delhi, Nasir Al-Din Mahmum Tughluq,
in the winter of 1397 - 98 A.D.

Illustrated Folio from the Zafarnama of Sharaf Al-Din 'Ali Yazdi
Mughal India, circa 1595 - 1600 A.D.
Gouache on paper
180 by 104mm; leaf: 280 by 200mm.

Inscribed: “Bhura”; folio 74

Imperial Library of Emperor Akbar
Private collection that has been in England since the 1940s

The artist attribution, in red at the bottom of the page, gives the name of Bhura, a reasonably prolific artist who was active from about 1580-1605 under Akbar. Verma, S.P., Mughal Painters and their Work, New Delhi, 1994, pp. 101-104, records thirty-four works by him. The text of this folio is found in Maulana Sharaf al-din ‘Ali Yazdi, Zafar Nameh, ed. Muhammad ‘Abbasi, Tehran, Shamsi 1336/1957, vol. 2, p. 83

Other leaves from this manuscript are in the collection of Cornell University, U.S.A. and in private collections in England and America.

all text, images © Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch


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