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Jonathan Tucker - Antonia Tozer ASIAN ART

Standing Buddha
Cham period, Dong Duong style, 9th-10th century
Height: 56 cm, 22 ins.

Bronze standing Buddha

A bronze figure of the Buddha, standing with the right hand raised in vitarka (teaching) mudra and the left lowered in varada (wish granting) mudra, the surface with traces of silver-plating.

Age verified by thermoluminescence test.

Buddhist images in metal from ancient Champa are extremely rare, and are mostly on a small scale. A rare exception is the celebrated bronze Tara, at 1.2 metres the largest known Cham bronze, discovered in 1978 now in the Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) museum. For a large seated stone Buddha from Dong Duong, please see no. 20 in E. Guillon, Cham Art: Treasures from the Da Nang Museum, Vietnam. Bangkok: River Books, 2001. 

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