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Akanezumiya: Alan Pate

Excellent early Edo period Japanese Buddhist Sculpture of Nembutsu Taishi 
(Shotoku Taishi as a three year old reciting the nembutsu).
16-1/2 in. high
Edo Period. 17th/18th Century

Nembutsu Taishi

Japanese Buddhist Sculpture of Prince Shotoku as an infant, depicted wearing long hakama trousers, kneeling in prayer with hands pressed together, crafted of wood, covered overall with a lacquered pigment, rounded face of a child with thick neck, small mouth, lightly formed eyebrows, inset rock crystal eyes with pupils in-painted and backed with paper, flowing pleats of hakama well rendered, side sash separately carved, known as the nembutsu shotoku taishi, this depiction of the famed 6th century defender of Buddhism has its origins in the Kamakura Period(1192-1333). Minor losses to pigment, old repairs, minor loss to sash, overall fine condition. 16-1/2in. high. Edo Period. 17th/18th Century.

all text, images © Alan Pate, Akanezumiya.


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