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Kagedo Japanese Art

Bronze Vase

Early Showa Era, circa 1928 - 1930
14" high x 9" diameter

Bronze Vase

Vase in a baluster form rising in a short collar at the shoulder and curving up to the neck, ornamented with a band in relief of curling tendrils that form alternate roundels of melons and melon leaves. Of cast bronze patinated a rich golden-brown. Signed on the reverse with a chiseled signature by the artist: Masahiko Saku or Made by Masahiko (Katori Masahiko, died in 1988 at the age of 89). 

With a double tomobako or original box, the exterior box lacquered, and the interior box inscribed on the exterior of the lid: Uri Mon Do Kabin or Melon Design Bronze Vase; and on the reverse of the lid signed: Masahiko Saku or Made by Masahiko, and sealed: Masahiko.

Katori Masahiko graduated from the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, and worked in Tokyo. He was a member of the Japan Arts Academy (the successor to the Pre-War Imperial Arts Academy). Later in the Showa Era he was honored with the designation of Ningen Kokuho or National Living Treasure. 

For another vase by Katori Masahiko dating to 1928 with an almost identical form and neck, c.f. the Nittenshi, volume 8, page 485, number 35. His 1931 Teiten vase with cicada and willow motif also exhibits an elongated yet massive neck treatment, unlike any of the later Masahiko exhibition pieces.

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