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Michael Cohn Asian Antiquities

Very Rare Figure of Hariti 
2nd c. - 3rd c.
Gray Schist
26.75 in. 


Hariti is a protectress of children. Representations of Hariti are found in Buddhist refectories. Her presence is therefore a daily reminder of the need for empathy and its result in compassion. Hariti is the embodiment of the Buddhamatrika (Mother of Buddhas) and is identical to the Prajnaparamita texts. With their heavy drapery, naturalistic poses and hefty bodies, this Hariti reflects the classical heritage of Bactro-Gandhara. 

(Huntington p147) Sahri Bahlol is north of Peshawar toward Swat. It is near Takht-i-Bahi and Muhammad Nari. It is north of Charsada and north west of Mardan. Examples found p174#219 "Buddhist Goddess Hariti" /Pakistan-Swat?/3/4th Century/Gray Schist/24x17x6.5 ins - A Collecting Odyssey. Pal,P., Thames & Hudson, Chicago, 1997 Huntington, S. "Art of Ancient India" p. 147 illus. 826

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