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33 Dynasties

Guanyao, Ge type, Floral-Shaped Brushwasher
Yuan Dynasty (1276 – 1368)
1 1/2” high x 4 3/4” diameter (4.8 x 12 cms.) 


Formally Ge type wares were believed to have been made at a Geyao kiln, the site of which had remained undiscovered.. However, excavations at the recently located Xu-nei-su Guanyao kiln site have yielded shards of Ge type wares mixed together with shards of Guan type wares. Experts now believe that Ge wares were a type of Guanyao. Also contrary to previous beliefs it has been found that the Guanyao kiln continued operation till the end of the Yuan Dynasty. Shards of brushwashers of the type and size of this example have been found in the Yuan strata and late 13 – early 14th century appears to be the correct date for all pieces of this type. 

This is a very fine example of classic Ge type wares. The putty color glaze has a soft sheen with a surface interrupted with a deep black crackle and secondary golden threads in a pleasing asymmetrical rhythmic pattern. It is in excellent condition with no chips or repairs. Please email or call for information regarding prior vetting of this piece, for references to other related published examples or for further discussion relating to the distinction between Geyao and Guanyao.

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