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Gregg Baker Oriental Art

A six-fold paper screen
painted in ink and colour on a gold ground with a scene from the Tale of Genji.
Japan Edo period 17th century
Dimensions: H. 26�� x W. 91�� (68cm x 232cm)

The scene depicts Chapter 51- Ukifune. Prince Niou takes Ukifune for a discreet outing in a boat to the Orange islet (Tachibana no kojima) at Uji, just outside Kyoto. It is the early morning of a snowy day on the 14th or 15th of the second month.

Ukifune is being pursued in love by Prince Niou (Genji�s grandson) and Prince Kaoru (born of a liaison between the Third Princess, Sanno-Miya, Genji�s young second wife and Kashiwagi, (the son of Genji�s best friend). In the following chapters Ukifune attempts suicide by throwing herself in the Uji River, she is found by a monk and decides to abandon worldly life and become a nun.

all text & images © Gregg Baker Oriental Art

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