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Theresa McCullough

Siva and Parvati
South India, Vijayanagar period
14th century
H: 35.5 cm (14 ins)

An important group of Siva and Parvati standing on a common base, Siva's primary hands forming abhaya and kataka mudras, his upper hands holding a battle axe and a leaping antelope. He stands in samapada, his hair arranged in an elaborate jatamukuta and wears numerous items of jewellery. His consort Parvati stands beside him in tribhanga, wearing a long dhoti and elaborate jewellery, her right hand disposed for holding an object (katakamudra), most probably a lotus flower, her left arm held pendant by her side. She wears a conical crown (karandamakuta).

Provenance: Private American collection since 1985. Purchased in New York.

Itemcode: C0143

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