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Jewel of the Lotus

Neminatha Jina
India; Madhya Pradesh
10th c.; Dated Piece: 955 A.D.
stone; Sandstone
H:47cm, W:31.2cm, Depth: 14.4cm, Weight: 44 lbs

Neminatha Jina

Neminatha Jain seated in padmasana on Lion Throne with small conch shell at base indicating the 22nd Jina. There is a Kirti Mukha on the front of the shrine with a stream of gems pouring out of his mouth.

A closeup view of the inscription on base shows a date in Vikram Samvat of 1012 which is equivalent to 955A.D.

This beautiful sandstone Jina is from norhtern India, Madhya Pradesh or eastern Rajasthan. The stone sculpture has been restored to it's original beauty in three places. Profesionally done, the image retains it's Karismic Presence, pervading whatever space it is set in with the peaceful serenity of it's over 1000 years of worship on our planet.

Price: $50,000.00

Itemcode: ITA062

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