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Jewel of the Lotus

Radha - 16th Century
India; Orissa
16th c.
Height: 68 cm. Width: 27 cm Depth: 17 cm.

Radha - 16th Century

A large early Bronze figure of Krishna's consort Radha offering her Lord pan in her extended right hand. Naked except for her jewelry which includes nose and earrings as indicated by the holes where they were placed. At one time, every part of her was covered with jewelry from her head to her toes. Her hair is very fine and runs down the back of her head into a beautifully decorated hair braid or "Choti". Unlike the slender stiff bronzes of this period in India this Orissan Lady is full and sensuous. The patina is wonderfully smooth after years of "puja" which called for daily offerings and washings after which she was dressed in colorful Saris and precious gems. A mark is left on her forehead were a ruby "Tikka" once laid. The style of her lotus padestal with sharp up-turned pedals indicate she was made in the 16th cen.

She weighs a solid 90 lbs.and is 28 inches high. This is a real treasure worthy of any collection or Museum.

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