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Oc-Eo Art - Peter Quintana

Hometown 29
oil on canvas
51 x 61 cms

He Hong Wei is a remarkable and very exciting talent.
He has won accolades for his work on paper documenting the Asian SARS crisis of 2003, and has exhibited at several major exhibitions in Beijing.

Oc-Eo Art are very proud to have introduced He Hong Wei to London in 2008 with a solo exhibition of his Hometown series of paintings - an exploration of the significance of birth place in Chinese culture and perhaps a statement about the price of progress in the world’s fastest growing economy.

Rooted in traditional Chinese brush painting, but also strongly influenced by Cezanne and Picasso, Hong Wei’s abstract/impressionist land- and city-scapes together form an ancient, epic Chinese scroll painting, linking the past, present and future with powerful and emotional memories. But they are also a series of independent paintings, each with their own artistic individuality and aesthetics.

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