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14th c.
gilded bronze
34.8cm (13 3/4 inches)

A beautifully cast image of Vajradhara, "Thunderbolt Bearer" and an exoteric manifestation
of Adi-Buddha. In this form he is believed to be the indestructible lord of all mysteries,
master of all secrets and to reign over the Eastern quarter.

He is seated in dhyanasana, hands crossed before his chest and holding the stems of lotus
flowers, which rise to the sides and carry the vajra at the right shoulder (missing) and the
ghanta at the left (partially missing).

He wears the tiara of a Bodhisattva, centred by a kirtimukha mask, and the diaphanous dhoti
and jewellery of an Indian prince.

The sensuous modelling and features are testimony to the strong Pala influences, as well as
the large, flat lotus-flower heads and the stupa shaped crown.

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