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Asian Art Calendar of Events

Sunday, November 01, 2020

Exhibition Private - Europe & Africa
Asian Art in London


Kapoor Galleries Inc.
8 Duke Street, St James's,
London, United Kingdom
Oct 22, 2020 To Oct 31, 2020

Detail: Kapoor Galleries presents God/Goddess for Asian Art in London, 2020. The London exhibition will feature an array of fine Indian miniature paintings and small sculptures from India, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Highlights from the catalogue (which captures our full New York exhibition from March 2020) include a rare and important Indian painting of Chinnamasta, signed by master artist Nainsukh of Guler; an impressive South Indian bronze figure of Parvati from the Vijayanagara period; an exquisite thirteenth-fourteenth-century Pala-style figure of Vajrapani forged in silver; and large and significant Western Tibetan painting of Buddha Shakyamuni and the Thirty-Five Buddhas of Confession from the fifteenth century. God/Goddess presents a wide but masterfully-executed view of gods, goddesses, and other divinities from the Hindu, Jain, and Vajrayana Buddhist traditions of the regions.

Phone No.: (212) 794-2300
Contact Email: [email protected]
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