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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Exhibition Public - Europe & Africa

Longing for Nature: Reading Landscapes in Chinese Art

Museum Rietberg
Gablerstrasse 15,
Zurich, Switzerland
Sep 11, 2020 To Jan 17, 2021

Detail: Relying on masterly reduced, expressive brushstrokes, landscapes have been at the centre of Chinese painting for over a thousand years. One could even say that they have become the epitome of Chinese art and culture. Longing for Nature introduces viewers in europe to the art of Chinese landscape painting, and deciphers its multiple layers of meaning and the hidden messages they contain. The show provides insight into Chinese culture, philosophy, and literature and, at the same time, addresses a highly topical issue that transcends national boundaries, namely the fragile relationship between humans and nature. The exhibition also shows how classical modern as well as contemporary Chinese artists have stuck to the hallowed tradition of landscape painting, but today often interpret it in unconventional ways.

For the first time, the exhibition juxtaposes significant historical works with landscape paintings by internationally renowned modern and contemporary artists.

From Shen Zhou to Wen Zhengming, from Huang Binhong to Fu Baoshi, from Huang Yan to Yang Yongliang, the exhibition "Longing for Nature" presents over 70 works of countless generations of chinese scholars from the era of the 16th century Ming dynasty to the present day. By including select quotations, artists and art critics are given a voice of their own. On display are masterpieces from the renowned Charles A. Drenowatz Collection, which has been held by the Museum Rietberg since 1972, as well as rarely shown works from European museums and private collections.

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