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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Exhibition Private - Europe & Africa
Printemps Asiatique Paris

Treasures from Ancient China

Galerie Christian Deydier
30 rue de Seine 75006,
Paris, France
Jun 07, 2018 To Jun 17, 2018

Detail: For this first edition, we have the pleasure of presenting a selection of masterpieces of Chinese art.

We hope this exhibition will contribute to the ever-growing interest in Chinese Art.

In the vast domain of Chinese archaeology, Christian Deydier specializes in ancient bronzes and works in gold. Bronze ritual vessels, mainly from the Shang Dynasty (circa 17th/16 th - 12t th /11 th centuries B.C.) can be found alongside gold and silver-gilt plate from the Tang (618-907) and Liao (10th century) Dynasties, terracotta pieces and exceptional sculptures from the Han, northern and Tang Dynasties.

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Earthenware Earth Spirits
Earthenware Earth Spirits
Tang dynasty (618- 907)
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