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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Exhibition Public - Europe & Africa

Nomadic Artefacts: Historical Objects from Mongolia

Museum of Ethnology Hamburg
Rothenbaumchaussee 64,
Hamburg, Germany
Sep 22, 2017 To Jan 21, 2018

Detail: Nomadic Artefacts attempts to interweave and present the movements of ethnographic objects from Mongolia through various socio-political and institutional spaces. Their transfer between Asia and Europe, Mongolia, Vienna and Hamburg is recorded – it indicates the transnational interweaving of object histories and museums with their mutual relations and influences.

The research project leading to the exhibition follows and examines the movements of artefacts, in this case Mongolian ritual objects, through various spatial, socio-political and institutional contexts. The topography and the “knowledge” of these things are interwoven with cultural transfers between Europe and Asia, with Viennese and Mongolian science and museum history and practice, with the impacts of political suppression and democracy processes in Mongolia, and with modes of human-object interactions and the power of things.

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