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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Exhibition Public - Asia

Iro-e — Japan CUTE !

Idemitsu Museum of Arts
9th Floor, Teigeki Bldg., 3-1-1,Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, Japan
Jan 12, 2018 To Mar 25, 2018

Detail: Iro-e, ceramics with polychrome overglaze enamels, flourished as colorful ceramics during the Edo period. It is represented by porcelain such as Kokutani, Kakiemon and Nabeshima, as well as by the ceramics of Kyōyaki ceramicists, Nonomura Ninsei and Ogata Kenzan. The fashion-conscious Kokutani ware arranged designs of kosode. The design-oriented Kakiemon won world popularity especially attracting the western royalty and nobility. The subtle feelings of the seasons characterized the Nabeshima ware and it was presented as gifts to the shōgun (supreme warrior leader). The kawaii cuteness and literary characteristics decorated Kyōyaki. All are distinguishing features of the multi-faceted Japanese culture reflected in the gorgeous world of iro-e.

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