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The Asian Arts Consignment Gallery has been replaced as a marketplace for our visitors by the Asian Arts Classified Listings where you can post your own items for sale.

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Buddha, Burma Bodhgaya White Tara

left to right: NEW Burmese Buddha (#rs1)(Jpeg K); NEW Bodhgaya Thanka; NEW Thanka of 8 Taras

left to right: 1. crystal skull cup 2. tantric painting on paper NEW 3. Laksmi

left to right:5. Hanuman, Nepal (Jpeg K); NEW 6. Chen Rezi Tsa tsa

left to right: 7.SOLD crystal yantra (Jpeg K); 8. ivory handle (Jpeg K); 9. Matmi Sarong, Laos (Jpeg K)

left to right: 10. Shonsui Style Bowls; 11. Japanese Teabowl

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