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Metal sculptures of the Tibetan Imperial period

Fig. 27: On the left: Vairochana and eight bodhisattvas (detail)
Denma Drak, Chamdo district, Tibet Autonomous region, China
Yarlung dynasty, 804/816
stone with traces of painted decoration
Height 400 cm, width 400 cm (approximate).
Photography by Nyima Dorjee and Elizabeth Benard.

On the right: Vairochana
Beedo temple, Jyekundo, Qinghai province, China
Yarlung dynasty,, 806
stone with painted and textile decoration
Height 160 cm (approximate).
Photography by Liu Lizhong.

(after Heller A. 'Early Ninth Century Images of Vairochana from Eastern Tibet' in Art of Tibet: Selected Articles from Orientations 1981-1997 (Honk Kong: Orientations Magazine Ltd, 1998): 174-179.).