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Faith and Empire: An Overview

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Fig. 1.3:
Vairocana (detail), from Vairocana and the Eight Great Bodhisattvas

Anxi Yulin Cave 25, west wall.
Period of Tibetan Rule, ca. 822.

Photo information: Mandala of Mahavairocana Tathagata; Bodhisattva Dizang (north/left), east wall, main chamber, Cave 25, Yunlin Grottoes, Dunhuang, China (The Mellon International Dunhuang Archive, DRA.C25YL.main.east, Northwestern University)
From: The Reshaped Buddhist Cosmos: A Study of the Iconography of the Main Chamber of Cave 45, Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang by Meng Tong Fig. 40

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