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Faith and Empire: An Overview

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Fig. 5.9:
Maṇḍala of Forty-Nine Deity Vajrabhairava

Yuan dynasty, ca. 1329
silk tapestry (kesi 缂丝)
96 5/8 x 82 5/16 in. (245.4 x 209 cm)

Metropolitan Museum of Art
purchase, Lila Acheson Wallace gift, 1992

Detail 1: “King” Tuq-Temür (Emperor Wenzong 文宗皇帝; r. 1328, 1329–1332) and “Prince” Koshila (Emperor Mingzong 明宗皇帝; r. 1328–1329) (detail of g. 5.9).

Detail 2: “Chieftainness” Babucha (巴不沙皇后; d. 1330) and “Chieftainness” Bhudashri (Budashiri; 1307–1340) (detail of g. 5.9).