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On the Use of Carbon-14 Dating in the Study of the Art History of Nepal;
A note on the Use of "Old Wood" in Nepalese Carving

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Fig. 2: The yaḥsiṃ pole over the inside of the entrance to Ibabahi, photo by the author, Dec. 8, 2013.

detail 1 shows that the pole was moved to the interior of the courtyard after the earthquake of 4/25/2015, see the detail photo by the author of June 10, 2015. The yaḥsiṃ was subsequently returned to its place over the entryway.

detail 2 shows the location where the yaḥsiṃ is erected, just in front of the two boulders, across the street from the bahi entrance

detail 3 shows Chatu Ratna Sakya drawing a sketch of the yaḥsiṃ,

detail 4 Chatu Ratna Sakya standing beneath the yaḥsiṃ.

photos 2-4 by Sameer Tuladhar, August 17, 2017.