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Chronological listing of articles published in Orientations relating to historic sites in Nepal

'The Sunken Bath of Siddhinarasimha Malla in Patan', Deepak Shimkhada, July 1983

'Beyond Ornament: Temple Design in Nepal', Ronald M. Bernier, September 1984

Repoussé in Nepal', Ian Alsop, July 1986

'The Wall Paintings of the Lori Gonpa', Helmut F. Neumann, November 1994

‘The Use of Reinforced Concrete and Steel in Nepal’s Historic Buildings’, John Sanday, January 1996

‘Recreating an Almost Lost Subject in Newar Buddhist Art: the Svayambhū Jyotirūpa’, John C. Huntington and Dina Bangdel, July/August 1996

‘The Museum Behind the Golden Door’, Mary Shepherd Slusser, November 1997
‘Another Luri: A Newly Discovered Cave Chorten in Mustang, Nepal’, Mary Shepherd Slusser and Lila M. Bishop, February 1999

‘The Gateway to Nirvana – Conserving the Temples of Mustang’, John Sanday, October 1999

‘Learning from Sulima: East Meets West in Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley’, Erich Theophile, February 2000

‘Divine Couple back from Exile’, Götz Hagemüller, December 2000

‘A Kushan Period Sculpture from the Reign of Jayavarman Kashinath’, Tamot and Ian Alsop, September 2001
‘A Case Study in Religious Continuity: The Nepal–Bengal Connection’, John C. Huntington and Dina Bangdel, September 2001

‘Opening Borders in Conservation: Postcolonial Tales from Kathmandu’, Erich Theophile, September 2001

‘Götz Hagmüller of Kuthu Math’, Ian Alsop, September 2001

‘The Painted Room in Kuthu Math’, Heike Pfund, September 2001

‘Beyond the Kathmandu Valley: The Future of Nepalese Conservation’, Marianne Yaldiz and Wolfgang Köllisch, September 2001

‘Nepalese Unfired Clay Sculpture: A Case Study’, Mary Shepherd Slusser, September 2001

‘Robert Powell and his Himalayan Art’, Amy Heller, November 2001

‘Culture v Development, An Age-old Struggle with a Twist’, John Sanday, November 2001

‘Terma of Dolpo: The Secret Library of Pijor’, Amy Heller, December 2001

‘The Iconography of Svayambhu Mahachaitya: The Main Mandalas’, John C. Huntington, December 2002

‘Goddess of the Periphery, Goddess of the Centre: Iconology of Jnanadakini in Newar Buddhism’, Dina Bangdel, December 2002

‘Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust’, March 2003

‘Threefold Intimacy: The Recent Discovery of an Outstanding Nepalese Portrait Painting’, Gautama V. Vajracharya, April 2003

‘Art in the Ritual Context: The Chakrasamvara Tradition in Newar Buddhism’, Dina Bangdel, October 2003

‘The Three Jewels: Taking Refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha Chaya Chandrasekhar’, October 2003

‘Kathmandu Valley Preservation Trust’, April 2005

‘Interview with Gyalchung Jigme Bista’, October 2005

‘Goddess or God? A Case of Stolen Identity’, Mary Shepherd Slusser, May 2006

‘Complex Configurations: On the Iconography and Date of the Golden Window in Patan, Nepal’, Gudrun Bühnemann, April 2010

‘Lhakhang Cave-temple in Mustang’, Susanne von der Heide, June 2011

‘The Wall Paintings of Thubchen Lo Manthang, Upper Mustang: In Defense of History’, John Sanday, April 2012

‘Bringing a Masterwork Back to Life?’, Christian Luczanits, March 2014

‘The Cave of Great Adepts’, Christian Luczanits, June 2014

Book Reviews

‘Patan Museum Guide’, Ian Alsop, March 2003

Götz Hagmüller, ‘Patan Museum: The Transformation of a Royal Palace in Nepal’, Sallie E. Fischer, September 2003

Mary Shepherd Slusser, ‘The Antiquity of Nepalese Wood Carving: A Reassessment,’ Peter A. Burleigh, March 2011
Amy Heller, ‘Hidden Treasures of the Himalayas: Tibetan Manuscripts, Paintings and Sculpture of Dolpo’, Michael Oppitz, May 2011

Gautam Rana, Prabhakar Rana and Pashupati Rana, ‘The Ranas of Nepal’, Kunda Dixit, November 2003

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